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Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe rooms well reflect the style of the proper Salentinian Masserias. With their white plastered walls which naturally protect from the sun heat, the fabrics, antiquities and local furniture (masterfully handcrafted), they guarantee our guests a unique and suggestive experience. Some of them, thanks to the third bed added, become comfortable triple rooms. Each of them has a small terrace with armchairs and table which allows our guests to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Services and Equipments

Free Wi-Fi

Air conditioning
Bed/Bath linen

Artist Room

In partnership with Art and Ars Gallery, our Masseria has been enriched with the paintings and the works of art of Alessandro Passaro, Fabrizio Fontana,  Federica Cogo and Pierpaolo Miccolis.

Fontana’s “jioko”, which borrows from his childhood comics and cartoons, plastic games and colours, is the stratagem he uses in order to tell the observer that there is nothing to joke about here. His works are placed in every corner of the property and excite curiosity. Who “plays” with nature and, in particular, with birds is Miccolis, whose works derive from anthropological research and can be admired either in our rooms or in the common areas of the structure. But what makes our Deluxe rooms vibe is Passaro’s energy ; his paintings indeed, with their colours and images, tell both of him and of us. Energy in its purest form, flowing from the brain to the paintbrush.

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